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Eyelash extension using method 1:1 and 8D

DER-MED offers eyelash extension using method 1:1 and 8D with Nouveau Lashes technique which allows to thicken and extend your eyelashes in a completely new way. Their regular supplementation will enable you to enjoy long and more dense eyelashes for any period of time. 

The product ensures a feeling of comfort thanks to its lightness and safe applications which does not damage eyelashes. With their flexibility they do not require the use of eyelash curler. 



  • Longer and more dense eyelashes
  • Flirtatious look
  • Effect of natural eyelashes
  • Maintenance of permanent curling



First application starting from: 299 PLN,

Supplementation: 150 – 190 PLN

Duration: Around 2.5h
Frequency: Complemented 2 - 3 weeks
Specialist: Agata Grabowska
  Dominika Hajduk


To secure permanent effects, for 48 hours after the treatment be sure to avoid contact of eyelashes with hot and cold water, do not use the pool, sauna or tanning bed. Do not rub your eyes, do not touch and do not use mascara.

By wearing Secret Lashes you do not have to change your lifestyle as they are resistant to water, sweat, tears and warmth. You can swim, bathe, exercise, sunbathe and cry. Secret Lashes should be brushed in the morning and evening with a brush available in all authorized stores.




  • Allergic eye diseases
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Lack of natural eyelashes
  • Dry eye syndrome

Eyelash extension using volumetric method

Our offer also includes eyelash extension with the use of volumetric method which was created for people with a very rare and weak eyelashes.

A secret of 8D technique is the ability to achieve the effect of up to 8 times more greater density without burdening natural eyelashes. Extremely light and at the same time dense fan of polyester silk fibres makes you forget about the existence of mascara and enjoy a flirtatious look, admired so far only on the covers of prestigious magazines or photo sessions.

The length of eyelashes is chosen individually in order to provide naturally beautiful effect. Due to natural cycle of eyelashes fall out, a complementary application is recommended to be repeated every 3-4 weeks.

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