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Dermatology and dermatosurgery

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Laser closing capillaries

Closing capillaries The problem capillaries, commonly called “spider veins”, is becoming more common. This embarrassing ailment equally affects men and women. Specialists in DER-MED Centre perform the treatment of closing capillaries occurring on the face by means of the most effective solution, namely laser Alma Harmony XL PRO – no. 1 in the world. Precise […]

Discolouration, scars and stretch marks removal

Laser ablation i laser FraxelIn DER-MED Centre we are currently using the latest innovations in the market. We offer you laser removal of stretch marks, scars and discoloration performed by laser ablation and laser Fraxel. Both devices provide excellent results and provide safety, comfort for the patient. Doctor will choose the laser on the consultation.Laser ablation is considered to be […]


Skin rejuvenationWe use in DER-MED an innovative device Intense PulsEd Light (IPL) which emits a beam of light into the skin and initiates the process of rejuvenation of cells responsible for youthful appearance. Therapy is a non-invasive and non-ablative treatment. TREATMENT EFFECTS Delaying skin ageing process Improving skin appearance Increasing firmness and density of the […]