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Face cosmetics

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Cleansing & Exfoliating

Cleansing TreatmensDER-MED Centre offers cleansing and exfoliating treatments with the use of the following methods: Face manual cleansing Acids – peeling The most suitable treatment method is chosen during a consultation before the procedure. TREATMENT DETAILS Price: Duration: 30 – 90 min Number of treatments in a cycle: Determined individually Intervals: Minimum 10 days Specialist: […]

Manual cleansing

Face manual cleansingFace manual cleansing is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. It consists in manual removal of all kinds of impurities that accumulate under the skin. It is worth to entrust it to a professional, because performing cleansing  on one’s own may bring more harm than good. Our specialist will properly prepare your […]


Cosmetic peelingsSpecialists in DER-MED Centre offer peelings  which are effective and popular method used for minimizing cosmetic defects and fighting against skin ageing.   TREATMENT EFFECTS Cleansing and smoothing out the skin Regulating production of sebum Reducing keratinization Reducing discolouration Reducing fine wrinkles Ideal for repetitive skin anti-ageing  treatments which can be combined with other […]


Care treatmentsOur skin is unique, therefore it needs proper protection and effective care. Radiant and well groomed complexion is a guarantee of success and a reflection of good well being WIn DER-MED Centre offer you will find the most popular care treatments: peelings and treatments with the use of cosmetics.  Care treatments are carried out […]

Treatments with the use of cosmetics

Treatments with the use of cosmeticsSpecialists in our Centre offer a wide range of care treatments carried out using exclusive brands such as Dermalogica, Klapp. Treatments of world leaders featuring unique recipes in combination with experience and professionalism of our staff will make your skin full of vitality and shine! TREATMENT EFFECTS Cleansed, oxygenated and […]

Lifting treatments

Lifting treatmentsDER-MED Centre offers the entire spectrum of lifting treatments. They include: Lifting without a scalpel Titan Endermolift We offer treatments which are the answer to the most common problems with the body and which can be removed by means of the latest achievements of technology and aesthetic medicine. The most suitable method is chosen […]

Lifting without a scalpel Titan

Face lfting without a scalpel – TITAN The treatment performed using American device Titan is an innovative method of skin tightening, improving contours of the face, neck, abdomen, thighs and arms. Titan allows for non-surgical increase of skin tightening and achieve lifting effect by means of deeply affecting infrared light. Thermal effect that occurs in […]


Improving firmness of skin of the face, neck and neckline With endermologie massage your skin will continuously work on firming and hydrating, maximally focusing on cell renewal. Endermolift™ is our way for non-invasive but effective rejuvenation. No needles, no lasers. It is enough that you will regularly undergo in our Centre a half-hour mechanical massage […]

Needle-free mesotherapy

Needle-free mesotherapyNeedle-free mesotherapy – a new way for the transport of substances in the treatment of wrinkles, skin flaccidity and hyperpigmentation. A device used for treatments is TMT system – the greatest technological achievement in the field of needle-free mesotherapy. It ensures superb effects in improving condition of the skin and cellulite removal. TMT system […]

Henna & Eyebrow and Eyelash regulation

Henna & Eyebrow and Eyelash regulationIdeal eyebrows should be distinguished with highlighted arc and a shade darker than your hair colour. Therefore, henna treatment is an excellent solution for all ladies with fair eyebrows. With this treatment, look instantly becomes clearer, while the previous image – gains new, distinct character. TREATMENT EFFECTS New and lovely […]

Home care

Home careIn order to make treatments performed in our DER-MED Centre bring even better results, we provide you with the opportunity to purchase professional cosmetics and the ability to take advantage of the advice of experienced cosmetologists. By carrying out the skin analysis, they will help you to choose the right line of cosmetics which […]