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Liposuction and breast augmentation

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Liposuction Body Jet

Removal of adipose tissue.Specialists in DER-MED Centre carry out liposuction Body Jet which is an innovative method for removing adipose tissue and shaping the body. The treatment is performed using WAL technology (water-jet assisted liposuction) which allows for safe and selective removal of the fat and restoration of perfect figure by means of a special […]

Breast and buttocks augmentation with own fat (Body Jet)

Breast and buttocks augmentation with own fat (Body Jet)DER-MED Centre offers Body Jet method which allows you not only to shape your body and remove the excess of adipose tissue, but also transplant fat cells obtained in this way in order to enlarge such as areas as breasts or buttocks.     WHY YOU SHOULDCHOOSE BODY JET […]