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Permanent and medical make-up

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Medical make-up

Paint my world – medical micropigmentationDissatisfaction with one’s own appearance very often leads to the lack of confidence and inferiorities. Scars, spots, hair deficiencies and other aesthetic problems can effectively underestimate your self-esteem. This is why medical make-up (also known as micropigmentation, medical tattoo) was created for people who face such ailments. Safe and dermatologically […]

Hair imitation

Problems with baldness and thinning hair are overHair loss or thinning is a widely known concern and may affect the area of head, beard or eyebrows. Properly selected cosmetics or pharmacological treatment do not always bring expected results, while hair transplantation is not possible in all cases. Excellent solution in such situation is medical make-up. […]

Lips asymmetry & orofacial cleft retouch

Beautiful lipsMedical make-up is also a perfect solution for people with orofacial cleft. Cosmetologist takes a dual-track approach which means that the scar is covered up using the first pigment, while the second colour is used to correct shape and redness of lips. In case of lips asymmetry, the pigment can be used to correct […]

Eyebrow, eye and lips make-up

Permanent make-upSpecialists in DER-MED Centre do permanent make-up using Long Time Liner method appreciated all over the world which ensures not only safety and durability, but also results which will satisfy even the most demanding ladies. The purpose of this procedure is to highlight the natural beauty so that our clients feel beautiful at any […]