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Eyebrow, eye and lips make-up

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Permanent make-up

Specialists in DER-MED Centre do permanent make-up using Long Time Liner method appreciated all over the world which ensures not only safety and durability, but also results which will satisfy even the most demanding ladies. The purpose of this procedure is to highlight the natural beauty so that our clients feel beautiful at any time of the day. Additionally, if necessary, a certified linergist will skilfully conceal small imperfections such as slight asymmetry of lips or asymmetrical eyebrows.


  • Giving colour and shaping eyebrow arches
  • Visible contour of lips and giving them luscious colour
  • Highlighting colour and shape of the eyes thanks to lines on the eyelids
  • Giving depth and expressiveness to the face


  • Highlighting natural beauty
  • Ideal solution for active people – make-up do not smudge
  • Ideal solution for people with allergy to colour cosmetics
  • Time-saving


Price: Starting from 400 PLN
Duration: Minimum 60 min
Anaesthesia: yes, local
Form: Supplementation up to 1 month
Specialist: Alicja Czardybon


Each performance of permanent and medical make-up in DER-MED Centre is preceded by a free specialist consultation with a linergist. During the meeting, you can discuss a method, colour and shape of particular elements of make-up that you want to do. Such individual approach ensures that you will enjoy the final effect that you have expected.

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