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Lips asymmetry & orofacial cleft retouch

Beautiful lips

Medical make-up is also a perfect solution for people with orofacial cleft. Cosmetologist takes a dual-track approach which means that the scar is covered up using the first pigment, while the second colour is used to correct shape and redness of lips. In case of lips asymmetry, the pigment can be used to correct lips by giving them desired shape. Such improvement of the image adds self-confidence and brings out the natural beauty of the face.


  • Aligning colour and shape of lips with scars caused by herpes
  • Covering up scars in case of orofacial cleft
  • Optically highlighted small and thin lips
  • Giving fresh colour to pale and blurred lips
  • Giving proper proportions to asymmetrical lips


Price: Starting from 690 PLN
Duration:  It depends from type of treatments
Specialist: Alicja Czardybon

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